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So you want to buy a piano and not sure as to whether you should get a traditional piano or an electronic keyboard.

The first thing you need to be aware of if the differences between an electronic piano and the traditional piano.

Beginning your musical journey and the decision of what to look for in a keyboard as you want to start to learn to play the piano.

First off, a real piano is a work of art and most pianist love to play a real piano but you need to be aware that it is a work of art.

It takes up a lot of room, has to be tuned regularly during the year and at $100 a time it can be expensive. The other things you need to be aware of is a real piano is affected by the surroundings such as the humidity in the room, where you place it in your home as should not be on an outside wall as any changes in temperature can mean the piano will quickly go out of tune. Seasons of where you live, all these issues can make a real piano expensive to maintain.

It also takes up a large footprint in your home and not always that easy to move around. If you have a child interested in playing the piano who wants to practice all the time, as they are very keen then having the piano in your main living area can have a huge impact on everyone else in the home. They are learning or you are learning and as much as you love them it may put a little stress in your life.

The Traditional Piano

In regards to a real piano, you have the Upright piano and the Grand Piano. The difference between these is the length of the base strings. The longer the base strings the fuller sound of the base notes. electronic shops bommanahalli

On the other hand the electronic keyboard advantages is that it is always in tune, extremely hard to break a key, unless you are playing around with a hammer!

For a church or club most people will go with the keyboard option as it is always in tune and not affected with the changes in temperature. Turn it on and it is in tune and good to go. Don’t get me wrong as a real piano is an absolute joy and pleasure to play but in this modern world an electronic piano is the way to go.

The cons of a piano keyboard is that it is not quite the same as the real piano it does not take as much muscle to push down the keys as a piano does,and this does help develop a better technique and better strength in your hands, because you are working on a true acoustic instrument. A keyboard will be a bit easier to play if you get one that is not quite as weighted and there are pros and cons to each.

It comes down to your preferences but in most settings the keyboard will be the way to go.

Lets now look a little further at keyboards as these are quite different as you are paying now for the electronics and the action. It is a totally different make up. A good rule of thumb is that you are paying for the computer action in the keyboard. What this means is that if you are just starting off you don’t need a lot of sounds, you don’t need lots of strings etc. What you need first off is to buy the most keys you can afford and the most weighted keys you can afford. A real piano has 88 keys.



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